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#WHOOPEd Digest, Vol. 34

‘Bat Boy’ to Bronze Medalist – Snowboarder Alex Deibold Answers 9 Questions

#WHOOPEd Digest, Vol. 33

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#WHOOPEd Digest, Vol. 34

Virtual reality ski training, the benefits of strengthening your hamstrings, and the first ever brain bank for women.   Hamstring strength is an important component in knee injury prevention. Try adding kettlebell swings to your workout routines. In a study by Del Monte et al., 14 participants were assessed for medial hamstrings and biceps…

#WHOOPEd Digest, Vol. 33

The benefits of “prehabilitation,” why decreasing minutes played may not be the best form of load management, the “praise paradox” with young children, and more…   Athletes are often missing one key piece to recovery: sleep. Here are some foundational thoughts when designing a sleep intervention for athletes. There can be difficulty in getting…

#WHOOPEd Digest, Vol. 32

Is a gluten-free diet healthy for everybody? Why can some athletes play through ACL injuries? Plus mindefulness and sport, and a tip for falling asleep faster.    From an orthopedic surgeon, all the basics of ACL injuries. Why can some athletes play with a torn ACL? Do braces actually help? It was revealed after…

#WHOOPEd Digest, Vol. 31

Cold water immersion as a recovery technique, tips to increase your time asleep, and exercise as a stress reducer.   Monday, December 11th Looking to reduce injury risk by 30 percent? The FIFA 11+ is traditionally a soccer warm-up, but easy to implement with any sport Non-contact injuries are usually attributed to inappropriate warm-up,…

#WHOOPEd Weekly Digest, Vol. 29 & 30

Triathlon training habits, how to monitor fatigue, the value of napping at work and how lack of sleep can make you catch a cold.    Monday, November 27th Sidelined with an injury? Along with rehab, try higher protein intake and omega-3 fatty acids to help with healing Injuries present differently between individuals and often…

#WHOOPEd Weekly Digest, Vol. 28

Screen time delays bed time, preventing ankle injuries with proprioceptive training, and are former multi-sport athletes more durable in the NBA?   Monday, November 13 Of more than five dozen studies looking at youths ages 5 to 17 from around the world, 90% have found that more screen time is associated with delayed bedtimes, fewer…

#WHOOPEd Weekly Digest, Vol. 27

Getting better sleep before a big game, the downside of ACL reconstructive surgery, and how sleep deprivation slows down your brain cells.   Monday, November 06 Young athletes in sports: How to manage and why early specialization can lead to overuse injuries The first Young Athletes Forum Convention took place in Montreux, Switzerland. The…

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