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Todd Stewart Todd Stewart
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Prior to joining WHOOP, Todd built all the content for Catalant Technologies (Formerly HourlyNerd), an online marketplace for freelance business experts. Todd is also a Professor at Bryant University and an instructor at General Assembly. Outside of work, Todd is an avid endurance runner and has a good pulse on the endurance community as a whole.

The New Kid on the Block

Beach volleyball has forever been an intriguing sport to me. Growing up in New England, I’ve never had much exposure to it. In fact, the only real interaction I’ve had was on Saturday afternoons as I’d flip through the channels and find a presumed southern California AVP match. I knew some names: Karch Kiraly, Misty…

Are NFL Players Prone to Overtraining?

If you’ve ever played sports, I can almost guarantee that at one point in your childhood you pictured yourself playing for your favorite professional team. Personally, I always believed that one day I would be the starting catcher for the Boston Red Sox. I used to drape an old paint tarp in my parent’s open…

Why Athletes Should Want High Heart Rate Variability

Two sprinters, Brett and Justin, are at the starting line. Both are 6 foot 2, 180 pounds, and considered the best sprinters in the northern hemisphere. In the past 5 races, the difference in their times has been around .05 seconds. Both are equally talented and both are equally fast. As they get into the starting…

The Story of Jorge Diaz: The Man Who Beat the Man

It’s hard not to admire Puerto Rico’s rich history and countless boxing accolades. It’s a hotbed for boxing greatness. It’s the only country to have a champion in every division and it’s ranked third in the world for nations with the most world championships. Like I said, it’s a hotbed. Jorge “King” Diaz, a featherweight…

Swimming the Distance for Team USA

One of the oldest debates in the scientific community is whether behavior is inherited or acquired.  ‘Nature,’ is what we think of as pre-wiring and is influenced by genetic inheritance. ‘Nurture,” is generally thought of as the influence of external factors, such as the product of exposure, experience, and learning.   The sporting community is…

Rowing to Rio: How Gevvie Stone Predicts Peak Performance

It’s 5:30 in the morning and the gray fog dissipates from the banks of the Charles River.  The air is cool for a July morning, slightly damp, and the river is amazingly still, like glass. In the distance, all I can hear is the combination of oars hitting the water and fiberglass boats skimming over it.…

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