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Jack Seitz Jack Seitz
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Jack Seitz is VP of Business Development and Creative at WHOOP, and has been with the company for over 2 years. Prior to WHOOP, Jack spent 6 years as VP of Marketing and Brand Development for Xenith, and 5 years overseeing Creative Services and Brand Management for PUMA. Jack holds a BS degree in Marketing from Boston College.

For the Love of Elite Mountain Biking

“It’s your training in the gym, outside the gym, on the bike and off the bike that creates greatness. You can never come home and say, ‘I’m done; I can stop working because I’m off the clock.’ Every minute of your life is adding up to how well you perform when the time matters.”  –…

Why WHOOP Uses the Best Information Designer in the World

We want things now.  We want things to arrive yesterday, projects to be completed today, and people to respond back faster than humanly possible. We need information and we need it fast. Take a look at the wearable market. Many devices out there give mediocre insights, at best. They track steps, record sampled heart rate,…

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