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Emily Breslow Emily Breslow
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Emily Breslow manages all aspects of Data Science and Physiology Research at WHOOP. Prior to joining WHOOP as the first employee, she worked at the Analytical and Modeling Unit of the Division of Sleep Medicine at Harvard's Brigham and Women's hospital studying jetlag. Emily is also an athlete and enthusiastic WHOOP-user, allowing her to blend personal experience with physiology knowledge to build WHOOP's innovative analytics platform.

Don’t Just Get Enough Sleep, Get the Right Sleep

The Benefits of Sleep Regularity In college, if I rolled into the dining hall for breakfast on a weekend morning the scene was notably different than during the week. Gone were the crowded tables of excited students, and in its place were countless empty tables and only a smattering of students. What was going on…

Fact or Fiction: Does Exercise Close to Bedtime Harm Sleep Quality?

Introduction If you turn to the Internet for advice about improving sleep quality, you will find near- consensus on the evils of late-night high-intensity exercise, but can you believe everything you read on the internet? By their very natures, exercise and sleep demand opposite responses from our bodies; exercise raises body temperature while natural sleep…

The Four-Day Hangover

Most athletes know better than to go out drinking the night before competition, but many wouldn’t think twice before knocking back some casual beers three days out. After all, come game time, BACs are long since back to zero and the hangover is a distant, albeit unpleasant, memory – evidence that the performance-reducing effect of…

Can Data Help Us Sleep Better?

I was recently honored with the opportunity to speak at the Sleep Technology Summit, a conference put on by the National Sleep Foundation exploring recent innovations and future projections in sleep technology. While there, my conversations centered on two parallel themes, (1) can new technologies accurately measure sleep at a level worthy of displacing Polysomnography,…

An Athlete’s Guide to Heart Rate Variability (HRV)

The human heart beats at a non-constant rate; heart rate variability (HRV) is a measurement of this irregularity. HRV has been shown in numerous studies to positively correlate with athletic performance and training adaptation, to negatively correlate with the risk of overtraining, and to generally correlate with overall fitness and health. This document provides a…

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