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John Capodilupo John Capodilupo
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John Capodilupo dropped out of Harvard to co-found WHOOP to help athletes optimize training and recovery. As Chief Technology Officer of WHOOP, Capo marries his passion for mathematics, statistics, and computers with the intuition and knowledge that being a son of an academic physiologist brings to design and implementing the technical and physiological backbone of the WHOOP system. Capo is an avid weight lifter and DOTA player.

Landmark Study from WHOOP and Korey Stringer Institute

WHOOP is proud to announce the completion of a landmark exercise physiology study which explored how metrics like Recovery, HRV, and Sleep can be used to achieve optimal performance. WHOOP partnered with the Korey Stringer Institute (KSI) at the University of Connecticut for this study on collegiate athletes. A core company goal is to be…

The CTO and the Analysis of the Human Body

In school, I was involved with astrophysics research projects where we would analyze large amounts of data. Because this data came from simulations or powerful telescopes, we had a seemingly endless amount of data. In contrast to astrophysics data, human physiology data is strikingly different; most studies are done on very small sample sizes over…

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