Virtual reality ski training, the benefits of strengthening your hamstrings, and the first ever brain bank for women.


Hamstring strength is an important component in knee injury prevention. Try adding kettlebell swings to your workout routines.


The National PTSD Brain Bank and Pink Concussions announced today they will open the first ever brain bank for women. Research shows “women and girls suffer from concussions at higher rate and have a more extensive recovery time.”


In 2016, nearly 100,000 Australians with osteoarthritis received hip or knee joint replacements. Total cost: >$2 billion. In an effort to curb cost and post-surgery effects, one doctor seeks to educate the conservative side of exercise and diet.


87% of D1 women’s gymnasts specialized by the age of 12. On the other hand, 71% of D1 football players were multi-sport athletes. When deciding how to train your child, consider what your goals for the sport are.


What happens when you strap a 360-degree camera to a skier’s helmet as he goes down a mountain, and combine that with athletic rehabilitation? A Virtual Reality (VR) environment where strobe glasses help retrain the brain.


Prone to hamstring injuries? Here are a few exercises that could help mitigate the risk of injury.




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