The benefits of “prehabilitation,” why decreasing minutes played may not be the best form of load management, the “praise paradox” with young children, and more…


Athletes are often missing one key piece to recovery: sleep. Here are some foundational thoughts when designing a sleep intervention for athletes.


The Praise Paradox: Does praise actually raise children’s self-esteem and motivation?


How much do college athletes rely on their parents for support? Check out this study of over 22,000 students from the NCAA Sports Science Institute.

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Prehabilitation, or pre hab, a form of strength training, aims to prevent injuries before they actually occur. Strengthen your hips to help with lower back pain, shin splints and knee issues.


Did you know 1 in 3 collegiate athletes stay up until 3 am at least once a week?


Many big-name pros are sustaining major injuries lately. Dr. Tim Gabbett suggests “Rather than obsessing over playing minutes, perhaps we should focus more on the quality and quantity of training that is performed in preparation for those minutes.”


A 3D foot scanner in every NFL locker room can help each player find the perfect shoe, potentially reducing the risk of injury




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