Is a gluten-free diet healthy for everybody? Why can some athletes play through ACL injuries? Plus mindefulness and sport, and a tip for falling asleep faster. 


From an orthopedic surgeon, all the basics of ACL injuries. Why can some athletes play with a torn ACL? Do braces actually help?


Mindfulness and Sport.


Why sleep is essential for the student athlete: Lack of sleep disrupts metabolism, can lead to weight gain and lack of recovery for muscle growth. An article by the President of the National Athletic Trainer’s Association.


What’s the deal with a gluten-free (GF) diet? Is there a benefit to being GF if you are healthy? A Doctor at Columbia University says GF is not wellness promoting.


Do you struggle to fall asleep at night due to anxiety about everything you have to do the next day? A study at Baylor University shows that taking 5 minutes to write a to-do list before bed helps anxious people get to sleep faster.


Two studies show sleeping more than 8 hours a night (actually sleeping, not just time in bed) can reduce risk of injury from 64-70%. A better diet can also favorably reduce risk of injury.




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