Getting better sleep before a big game, the downside of ACL reconstructive surgery, and how sleep deprivation slows down your brain cells.


Monday, November 06

Young athletes in sports: How to manage and why early specialization can lead to overuse injuries


Tuesday, November 07

82% of athletes report problems falling asleep before a competition. 59% of team sport athletes report having no strategy to overcome poor sleep. Tips to catch Z’s


Wednesday, November 08

Salivary biomarker tests, movement assessments and cardiovascular testing. Identifying athlete’s weaknesses: Nebraska Athletic Performance Lab does it all


Thursday, November 09

Sleep deprivation: Literally slowing your brain cells down. Lack of sleep causes impairment to various mental functions


Friday, November 10

Almost 70% of ACL injuries are non-contact in nature. 45% of ACL reconstruction patients will develop arthritis within 10 years of surgery. Is surgery worth it?



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