The benefit of thinking healthy thoughts, which types of pain athletes shouldn’t ignore, and the end of baseball as we know it?


Monday, August 7

Pain 101 for Triathletes: Push Through or Lay Off?

Running through pain may cause changes to both form and mechanics, which in turn can lead to more serious injury. Here are 4 types of pain that shouldn’t be ignored:

  1. Sharp pains or aches that become more severe pains.
  2. Extended pain that persists even after exercise stops.
  3. Pain that worsens with continued exercise.
  4. Pain that causes a limp or forces you to alter the way you run.


Tuesday, August 8

Football’s Secret Sports Science: The Power of Sleep


Wednesday, August 9

Healthy thoughts as important as healthy activity, researchers say


Thursday, August 10

Just Because You Sweat Doesn’t Mean You’re Dehydrated

How much water weight can you lose while exercising and still perform at a high level?


Friday, August 11

The End of Baseball As We Know It

Major League Baseball has become a game of three outcomes–strikeouts, walks and home runs. Is that what we want?