The history of marathon fueling, why an MLB team is focussing on stress management, and how forgetfulness can be a good thing.


Monday, July 24

Forgot Where You Parked? Good


Tuesday, July 25

The cognitive trick the elite athletes use to achieve seemingly impossible goals

Summary of our VP of Performance Science and Optimization, Kristen Holmes-Winn’s research:


Wednesday, July 26

The Surprising Reason You Need to Take a Recovery Day

Researchers from Brock University in Canada analyzed blood samples from 15 elite female heavyweight rowers during their most intense training weeks and compared them to ones taken during recovery weeks.


Thursday, July 27

Moneyball for Mindfulness: Mets Try More Coaches for Stress Management


Friday, July 28

A History of Marathon Fueling

It wasn’t until the 1960s that the importance of staying hydrated while covering long distances began to take hold amongst runners.